Marketing & Branding

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Programs Designed to Maximize Your Profitability

The automotive aftermarket industry of today is more competitive than ever. As one of the nation’s largest independent branded distributors, Auto PlusSM understands the exceptional value that raising visibility, attracting customers and building your brand can have on your bottom line. That’s why we’ve created a collection of smart, innovative marketing and branding programs — each designed to take your business to a new level of success.

Marketing Initiatives That Connect With Your Customers

Stocking your shelves with high-quality, brand-name parts and backing them with outstanding service is a prerequisite for a successful business operation. But it’s only part of the profit picture. A well-rounded marketing program is another crucial component. Auto Plus has developed a comprehensive range of advertising and marketing tools that can help you reach your target audience and bring even more customers through your door.

Auto Plus marketing materials
Poster Programs

Includes retail promotional posters, behind-the-counter posters and storyboard posters (bilingual)

Sales Publications

Includes the Auto Plus Promo Catalog, chemical reference catalog, Tech Connection, PBE catalog, tools and equipment catalog, and more

Co-Op Advertising Program

Auto Plus banner members receive an exclusive co-op advertising program that includes newspaper ads, radio/television ads, flyers, billboards, promotional items and more

Branding That Puts Your Business Front and Center

With growing competition in the marketplace, today’s automotive aftermarket consumers have a lot of product choices. Maintaining a great brand identity within this arena couldn’t be more important. Auto Plus has innovated a flexible branding structure that empowers your business to continue operating independently, provides access to our wide range of business solutions and enables the use of our Auto Plus brand image and identity.

Auto Plus Business Supply & Resource Center

An online portal that features Auto Plus vehicle graphics, signage/décor, POS materials and more

Exterior Signage

An eye-catching visual landmark that serves as a powerful form of advertising

Vehicle Identification Program

Proudly display the Auto Plus colors on delivery cars, vans and pickups

Apparel Program

Auto Plus branded apparel options include sweatshirts, hats, jackets, dress shirts and more

Business Form Program

Provide contact details while representing you and your Auto Plus business

Auto Plus vehicle branding